When it comes to grooming for a guy, the plan isn’t to pour out your fortune on several grooming products or to spend hours at a time locked in a bathroom. Preferably, you can come up with a daily routine that is simple, quick and easy to maintain, making sure you don’t frustrate your meticulously assembled outfit with needlessly puffy eyes or unsightly hair. Every man’s physique is an edifice of beauty and grace and should be well-kept as such. A number of men have no basic understanding of grooming methods to adopt and stick to and to worsen things, they don’t feel at ease asking for assistance. As a man who is conscious of his appearance when indoors or at social events, here are some basic info that’ll help you take care of the aesthetic needs of your body:

  1. Visit your barber more frequently

Book an appointment with your barber; make it a consistent one and stick to it. A number of men wait till their hair is overgrown and leaves nothing to be desired before doing something about it. In actual fact, if you’ve realized that you need a haircut, then other people must have noticed as well. The trick, in essence, is to take the initiative and get yourself a reliable barber that will give you that haircut that will stand you out.

  1. Get hair products that work for you

Men’s hair products recently have become more puzzling with so many cosmetics brands dishing out different products for men by the minute. When getting a hair product, ensure it is one that works for you. Thick hair can handle pomades and waxes, but if you have a thinner hair, then sprays and lighter products will your hair the perfect outlook and staying power. For clarity sake, you can ask your barber for advice on the right product for your hair type.

  1. Discover your signature scent

Cologne and deodorants aren’t meant to be obvious or loud. Rather, it should be a delicate and subtle part of your aura and overall presence. Instead of owning 8 to 10 bottles of average quality aftershaves you pick at random every morning, find one or two elegant and lasting scents you truly like, invest in and make a routine out of them.

  1.  Your toothbrush matters

Every woman would notice two things: your shoes, but more importantly your smile. There’s no excuse any longer for overlooking technological advances when it comes to what is responsible for your beautiful smile. Electric toothbrushes in recent times are designed to the greater part of the work, and they’re better for the health of your teeth. Research has shown that rotating toothbrush is better than manual brushes as it is 11 percent more efficient in plaque removal, and can likewise lessen gum problems significantly. Remember to also use a mouthwash first thing in the morning after you brush.

  1.   Shave like an expert

You might have little or no time for a general wet-shaving routine in the morning, but the importance of a good shave cannot be laid aside or over-emphasized. Getting your skin ready in advance with a shave oil will allow the razor glide effortlessly over your hairs, allowing it to come off with less irritation and redness. A good shave has a way of announcing to everyone you come in contact with that you’re a clean and tidy man.

  1. Your nails and hand-care routine

Consider cutting your nails at regular intervals – preferably a shower or bath, to soften the nails and make the trimming an easy task. Although that flaky, rough skin around the bed of the nails can rub up against other nails sometimes while you’re having your nails trimmed. You can treat with a little bit of moisturizer every now and again to smooth the surface out.

  1. Wash before bed

When it’s bedtime, don’t just jump straight on your bed no matter how comfy it is or tired you are. Consider having a face wash routine before heading to bed. Get the process started with ice cold water which helps to open up the pores on the skin. After that, get an alcohol-free, light face wash and apply generously. However, avoid moisturizing afterward your pours can have a breathing chance.


As more men are coming into the light on the concept of personal grooming, more emphasis is poured on the subject of complete grooming for men. Unless your plan is to move your guy out into the wild to find himself, your advice, knowledge, and expertise should come into play in assisting him to become a better man for himself and for you. Guard him towards making the right grooming decision, and help him to stick with his new grooming routine. However, don’t go too far with your expertise.