Having thick abundant hair is everybody's dream. However, this type of hair presents, aside from
many advantages, some challenges as well. How to get the most out of having thick hair? We have
created the ultimate guide for taking care of this particular hair type, so you can have beautiful hair
any day, any time.

Know your hair:

It might sound obvious because you have lived with this type of hair since forever, but do you know
your hair? The thickness of the hair is determined by genetics. If you were born with thicker hair,
you know that unless you dry your hair, you can spend all day long with wet hair, even during

In addition, thick hair is usually characterized by having a lot of volumes, which makes it difficult to
"control" and requires a series of basic steps to maintain its texture and brightness. Let’s take a look
at everything we need to take care of thick hair.
Characteristics of thick hair

Masks, serums, and treatments are daily applied by millions and millions of people around the world
to have thicker hair. Unlike fine hair, thick hair is much more abundant and resistant to chemical
treatments and other external agents. However, it is also more difficult to comb since having thicker
follicles facilitates entanglement. Also, it usually looks, "dull" or brittle.
How can I take care of thick hair?


Thick hair tends to dehydrate and look dry since this type of hair fiber requires
constant and abundant moisturizing. To prevent it, apply a moisturizing mask at least once a week,
keep a diet rich in vitamin E, and drink your 8 glasses of water on a daily basis.



It is not uncommon for people with thick hair to feel that they are getting bald after each
rinse. A shower full of hair is the typical scene for them. This happens because certain products tend
to stubbornly cling to thick hair, which makes them more difficult to remove, causing people with
thicker hair to rinse vigorously, therefore causing abundant fallouts. Tricks to avoid it? Use sulfate-
free shampoo, don’t ever bathe with hot water and always apply conditioner.


Avoid dryers and straightening irons as they will cause your hair to progressively lose its
glow. Nevertheless, using a heat protectant and products with SPF is a great idea to style your hair
while keeping it healthy.



For thick hair to look shiny, it is important to apply conditioner every time you wash
your hair. Apply either argan or coconut oil on the tips, and styling cream whenever you feel your
hair is losing its natural beauty.



Always use brushes or wide tooth combs, as they will cause less frizz and you won’t be
adding extra volume.


If you want a hairstyle to last having thick hair, it’s vital to follow all the steps of the
product layering technique and finish the updo with a lot of hairsprays or finishing pomade.