Meet another awesome Korean brand that is all about natural ingredients. If you are a K-beauty obsessed person. You’ve probably heard of The Yeon. All of the products have beneficial elements your skin needs. So let’s review The Yeon Mud Tox Mask.


The amazing charcoal powder is what your skin needs to fight all the impurities. In other words, it is very useful in providing a quick efficient detox from chemicals and bacteria as well. Our face is constantly exposed to different damaging factors, from dust to dirt. That all affects the pores which eventually become clogged and need cleaning.

Kaolin clay comes in different colors and this mask has black kaolin clay. It’s an already proven cleanser that has the ability to successfully remove all impurities. Charcoal was added to the list to remove the extra sebum and leave the pores clean for a long time. These two elements are a perfect match.

If you are scared that your skin will be dry after the treatment, don’t be. The tea tree leaf extract delivers hydration and healing effects. It takes care of bacteria and all other possible causes of inflammation. Another very important constituent is the Chlorantha bark extract which has almost the same benefits of tea tree leaves.

How To Use It:

Cleanse and tone your face before you apply The Yeon Mud Tox Black Clay Mask. Make sure that the skin is dry. During the next step, you can apply it with the spatula. Evenly spread it all over the face and avoid eyes and mouth. Leave the black clay mask on for 10 to 15 minutes. Just wash it off with warm water after.


The Yeon Mud Tox Black Clay Mask With Charcoal cost unbelievably  resonable and effective. The most amazing thing is that you can actually see the benefits right away. Say goodbye to clogged pores, and welcome your brand new glowing face. One of the biggest advantages of the mask is that it cleans impurities leaving the skin nice and smooth. In the meantime, there will be no signs of dryness.