Today we have compiled a list with the worst skin care advice you can take according to dermatologists. This list will help you fight prejudices and most importantly, will prevent you from making mistakes that you might regret … giving up chocolate for example. Oops!

Here is the top 5 worst skin care advice you can take according to dermatologists:

1. “Chocolate causes acne.”

Yes, it is true that sugary processed foods can contribute to having a breakout. However, there’s no direct connection between eating a chocolate bar and having a zit on your forehead the next day. Acne develops during a process that requires time and a wide variety of factors that end up producing blackheads and whiteheads. This means that improving your skincare routine does not require that you stop enjoying a piece of chocolate from time to time. You only have to improve your diet eating fruits, whole wheat, cutting back on added sugars and drinking enough water.

2. “Fight acne washing your face several times a day”

Washing your face over and over again is one of the worst things you could do to fight acne. Products that control oiliness are designed to help your skin regain an ideal balance in which your skin’s natural oiliness protects, moisturizes and provides elasticity, without excesses that can clog your pores. Removing it repeatedly and frantically will cause an irritation to which your skin will respond generating even more oiliness. Even worse, you may end up spreading infections from one pore to another, increasing the risk of an acne breakout.

3. “You only need to use Sunscreen when it’s sunny outside”

Big mistake! Day and night the sun irradiates the earth with UV rays. We all know that prolonged sun exposure can cause sunburns, skin cancer, and premature aging. Even if you’re working indoors, it is imperative to apply a product with SPF 15 at least once a day.

4. “Hypoallergenic makeup doesn’t cause acne”

Even if you use makeup specially formulated for your skin complexion and produced in the most advanced skincare laboratory in the world, the residues and impurities will clog your pores and cause acne unless you religiously remove your makeup every night.

5. “Only older people wear facial creams”

You are never too young to start caring for your skin’s health and beauty. Indeed, in our youth, our body naturally produces a larger amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen, as well as absorbing vitamins more efficiently, making our skin look uniform, firm and soft. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the corners that you are cutting today won’t show up tomorrow. Skin lesions, sunspots, and skin dryness are some of the consequences of not taking care of yourself properly during your youthful years.