Looking for a unique shampoo that protects, refreshes and strengthens your color-treated hair? Redken Color Extend Shampoo is the right call. This shampoo is a day-to-day, mild cleanser perfect for color-treated hair. It helps to protect and toughen hair color from diminishing. Redken Color Extend Shampoo is formulated using essential ingredients, which combine perfectly to prevent breakage, retain color, offer anti-fade protection and as well moisturize. It also comprises of the “Fade Resist Complex” which is produced to lock in and lock out aggressors that bring about color fading, so as to keep the hair color intact, healthy and glowing.

Redken Color Extend Shampoo protects and gently cleanses to make your hair shingles, refreshed and manageable. This color-protecting product enhances the strength of the hair to prevent hair breakage and offers the highest vibrancy of color-treated hair. One of its major benefits is that the enhanced Color Extend provides stronger protection to a great extent, so as to extend the vibrancy and life of your hair color.

Product Description

Sent of the key ingredients used in making Redken color extend shampoo include cranberry oil (gives added shine), UVA/UVB filters (prevent hail color fading); ceramides (strengthen the hair); inter-bond conditioning system, Micro-net technology (protect hair color), among other ingredients. The creamy product formula makes lather well and its aroma is slightly medicinal.

  1. This Redken shampoo for color-treated hair strengthens and cleanses while offering protection against hair color fading, making the hair shiny, strong, and wieldy.
  2. It repels UVA/UVB rays including other aggressors in the environment to optimize color retention and durability.
  3. Restructures and strengthens the color-treated hair.
  4. Has cranberry oil to increase hair color vibrancy.

How to Use

Get into your bathroom, soak hair with water in the shower, drain water from hair while leaving it wet, pour out a handful of the product, apply gently but thoroughly on the wet hair, rinse hair completely after a couple of minutes and finally dry your hair.

Product Reviews

Redken color extend shampoo received a number of positive reviews. A few of these reviews are detailed below:

  • My love for Redken color extend shampoo is never-ending. Its smell is similar to bakery goods and stays for a long time after use. It doesn’t irritate or affect my color, at least not like the brands I purchase from the drugstore with no effectiveness. The product is the best when you want a color that will last long.
  • The product was first recommended at my salon by one of the hairdressers, and now I am used to constant usage of Redken color extend shampoo with its conditioner line. I am always in search of the biggest bottle Redken product which can only be found in the biggest supermarket selling beauty supplies in town. It has been one of out many shampoos that actually protected my hair perfectly without leaving a residue or over drying. Its smell is amazing and it leaves my hair well hydrated.
  • The Redken color extend shampoo is not in any way a terrible shampoo. It leaves my hair looking clean, nice and shiny, also making my hair color last longer than expected. I color my hair a lot and this product helps me retain the color of my hair just the way I like it especially for black color dye. I make use of the product three to four times a week along with the conditioner. My hair always appears supper hot with no worry or fear whatsoever about my hair color.
  • The best thing about Redken color extend shampoo is its ability to extend my hair color. that it does extend the color of my hair. I’m totally delighted with the functions, although the hitch about it is the residual color it leaves on my fingertips after usage. You have to carefully rub the shampoo product off your hands thoroughly. Other than that, the shampoo is really amazing, making my hair so silky and soft.


Pros:      – It protects hair from the chemicals and minerals in tap water which can damage costly dye jobs.

– It makes month-old hair look new and shiny.

– it is very effective in making the hair soft and preventing against irritation.

Cons:     – It burns the scalp.

– It makes the hair sticky.

– It is too expensive


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The multiple awards winning Redken Color Extend Shampoo has become a household name for top shampoo products and stand as a strong force in the beauty and makeup industry/market. Its nice fragrance, relentless protection, hair color retention, moisturizing ability, and refreshing impact are just a few of the effective use of this product. So, if you are planning to keep your treated hair color intact for the next 3 to 4 months, Redken Color Extend Shampoo is the best product for the job!

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