The spring season is coming! We all need some advice on how to improve our skin and make it soft and shine, also less damaged. The spring period require carrying about your skin, and if you like to have gorgeous skin, you just need to put little extra effort, so you can accomplish that. Before the spring season, our skin is often covered with many different things and the skin can become dry, dehydrated and irritated (especially from the winter clothes) and we need to take care of it, so we can have very nice skin, during the spring season. In this article, we will share “Our Top 6 Spring Skincare Tips”.

“Lighten up”

In the spring season, the best option is to use lighter makeups such as “peach lipstick” or maybe “pink lipstick”. Another better tip is to use Cleansing Water that will help you very gently remove your makeup, without to cause damaging on your skin or leaving a sticky residue, which can lead to unwanted breakouts. Also, carefully choose the product you are using, and carefully read their descriptions and ingredients, so you can avoid the harmful ingredients.


“Buff your skin”


After the winter period, we often don’t care too much about our hands or our legs, but we should don’t forget to show them more attention as usual. We need to take care of the damaged skin; dry and flaky and show some attention with a moisturizer. We need to apply the moisturizer while our skin is still damp for an extra hydration boost. You can see the great result on your facial skin with exfoliating the facial skin, so you can rid of the dead skin cells, which can make your spring skin looks a little dull.




In winter, our skin is often covered with winter clothes and often wears a shawl and winter cap. The end of the winter can be uncomfortable for us because a spring period in which our skin should be in good condition comes in. After we exfoliate our skin, we should moisture one last time with “rich cream” then switch it out for some kind of lighter non-comedogenic lotion, so we can start the season with nice skin. We are sweating more during the spring period and a lighter lotion would definitely help to keep the pores clear so we can avoid overloading spring skin with excess oil as the weather warms up.


“Use serum”


If you have never tried to use the serum on your skin, it may be time to think to try something new. Layer it underneath moisturizer to keep skin extra soft. And after you use it for a few times, the serum will become your routine every day, during the spring days.


Leave your body creams away”


Some creams are too heavy but are suitable for wet skin in the winter. Leave the creams aside because using the entire winter season so that we avoid getting sweaty during the spring season. For starters, it would be good to find a healing-formula with a light consistency, and a light lotion would be great to keep our skin healthy.




Have you asked how useful the water can be? In the spring period, the water is very healthy for your body, also for the hair. The more water we enter in, it will be easier for us to preserve the skin from becoming dry or flakey.