This product is one of the best and it’s the most recommended product on the market for a long time. I decide to choose this product especially because it is effective and it has great abilities to make the skin refreshed and healthier. Even on dry skin, this product is very effective! After a few uses of the product, my skin immediately has improved and it looks way better than before. My skin feels hydrated, smooth and it glows, even after applying my make-up. Also, the best thing about this mask nourishes and leaves the skin soft. That’s definitely the product that each person needs.

This product has the nicest package I’ve ever seen! The product has a light colored package and on the back contain all the details about the mask. It’s incredible isn’t? Also, the package is very easy to use and it’s a big plus that the product provided me with a nice boost of moisture, and keeps my skin hydrated. Using this mask also calmed down my skin and finally, my skin feel relaxed after using the product.

One of the many interesting features of this product that many customers, including myself, is that the product is very effective in the very short term, it also gives you extra freshness and skin care, you know. After a week using the product, my skin has improved too! In the meantime, after using this mask I felt that my skin is so relaxed that it means that this mask allows our skin to be relaxed and at the same time it reduces our stress. Since then, I realized that using this mask 2 times a week is not harmful to my skin at all; on the contrary, it shows the capabilities and its effects in a positive and unique way.

The ingredients of this mask are chosen with the highest precautions to avoid damage to the skin. “Shea Butter” intensively nourishes the skin and restores the skin, while “Hyaluronic Acid” takes care and recharge the skin with moisture. One of the most attractive ingredients on this mask is exactly the grapefruit oil, the effect of which makes the skin soft and tones it. Still many useful components that contain this mask make my skin bright and give a special freshness. Also, the fashionable skin gets a very pleasant smell, which is another indication that this mask is effective.


Using this mask brings too many benefits that positively affect the skin; here I personally will describe the benefits that I received, using this mask: It calms the skin: Astonishing! After several times using this mask, my skin became so calm that I could not believe it. The other benefit I feel from this mask is the “Nourishment” which I feel every time when I took of the mask immediately my skin feels great nourishment. Also, radiant complexion is one of the abilities that this product effectively delivers to the skin. It doesn’t require so much time until you realize that your skin has improved and it’s shinier than usual.  Usually, my skin felt pretty dry but thanks to this wonderful mask that is not the case anymore. My face feels hydrated even several days after using the mask. This mask is totally effective and there is no irritation at all when I have the mask on. Also, this mask has the nicest and pleasant smell; it’s not hard to smell, but pretty attractive and light.

How to use:

This mask is coming in a very nice package with nice colors. It’s very convenient for use and it’s very easy; after cleansing skin and applying toner, you can open the package and take the mask. The next step is where you are applying the mask and patiently wait for 15-20 minutes before removing the mask. Also, the most important thing, avoid eye-contact and letting sheet mask to dry completely. After using this mask, you can immediately notice the effects and positive benefits that this mask leaves on your skin. Your skin will feel elastic, giving a pleasant smell that is gentle and appealing.

 Interesting details about this mask:

This mask really has a reasonable price in order to be later available to anyone who really wants quality care for his personality, like me. This mask is also easily portable and very suitable for travel and does not occupy space. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all; instead, it adds extra moisture to my skin and makes my skin healthier. Also, after using the mask I can notice that my skin is very soft and bouncy.