Colored hair always asks for more care compared to the one that has not been treated with any harmful techniques. Right after getting a new hair shade, you should learn how to treat it properly. The first step is always a good hair mask, that protects the color while also bringing back the healthy shine. One of my favorites is the Lindsay Colored Hair Mask. I’m absolutely obsessed with all of the products by Lindsay, so a while ago I decided to also try this one. I have to admit I was left speechless of the fast results.


You already know that aloe vera is the best thing you can ever treat your hair and skin with. The Lindsay Colored Hair Mask is very rich in aloe extract, which has a number of important enzymes. To make things simpler, those enzymes go the extra mile to repair any damage to the hair.

Baobab oil is what gives a stunning glossy finish in hair that has been treated. This is a powerful conditioner which also helps with frizz. Baobab is rich in multiple vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, E, C, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and more.

The great argan oil, on the other hand, repairs split ends. There is no person out there who doesn’t struggle with damaged ends. It leaves a smooth mane, that looks absolutely healthy. That’s all due to the vitamin E and fatty acids.

Ceramides focus on the cuticles. These lipid molecules promote the health of the roots and prevent the bad effect from external factors.

How To Use It:

The packaging features two separate parts, one on the top and one on the bottom. The top part contains the mask, while the bottom one features a self-heating cap. This is a great and innovative approach. Once you put the cap on, it creates heat, which further activates the important ingredients in the mask. In spite of the complicated explanation, the Lindsay Colored Hair mask is very easy to use. Your hair has to be wet still, right after you’ve washed it. Use a towel to remove the excessive water. Open the mask and put it all over your hair. Then, open the cap as well, put it over the hair and secure it. Wait for 10 minutes, and rinse with hot water.


This is one hell of a product! I can literally swear on it bringing back the glossy and healthy look of my colored hair. Just by sparing 10 minutes of my time, I recognized a huge change. The hairdo looked healthy, and like it wasn’t ever damaged at all.