we must rethink our beauty routines to prevent skin dryness and chapped lips.

Thinking of the best ways to keep our skin looking moisturized, we’ve compiled a definitive list of 4 steps to keep your skin hydrated during the day. Join us and discover how easy it is:

Drink enough water:

Drinking water is the most crucial beauty and health advice anyone can give you because it will help you fight skin dryness from the inside out. When our body doesn’t receive enough water, our immune system weakens, the cellular regeneration slows down, and our skin starts to look dull. On the other hand, when we stay hydrated everything works better; we become healthier, and therefore we end up looking our best

Maintain a humectation routine:

Boosters, serums, Essences, and face masks are some of the goodies that cannot be missing in your bathroom cabinet during winter. These products will help you prevent skin dryness and premature aging all year long. In addition to locking your skin’s natural moisture, its formulas provide the necessary hydration to counteract the effects of cold wind and the heat from radiators. Also, and you may have heard it before, but placing a container of water in a safe place near your home’s radiator will help you create a more pleasant environment for your skin.

Say goodbye to hot showers:

Bathing with lukewarm water is one of the cardinal rules to keep your skin hydrated during winter. For example, licking your lips doesn’t help moisturize them at all, because the dried saliva makes them even dryer. Bathing in a hot tub full of essential oils has the same effect over your skin. The hot water of a Jacuzzi or a Bathtub opens the pores and efficiently removes all your skin’s impurities, but it also removes the natural oiliness that we are trying so hard to keep.

Most importantly, consider your skin type:

We all have a particular type of skin complexion to consider when choosing the best products for our needs. Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, mixed skin, or normal skin… There is a wide variety of products to choose from to prevent a skin crisis in the middle of the holiday season. How can we know which products to choose? Well, basically all skin types will benefit equally from water-based products, an acceptable level of SPF, gentle foam cleaners, and face masks suited for your skin’s type.

Extra tip!

Keeping hand lotion on your desk, next to your water bottle, is an excellent reminder of the importance of moisturizing during working hours!