Our skin goes through many changes when spring comes, which is why it is important to have creams and serums that will help improve the tone and vitality of your skin. If you thought you will be able to use the same cream for all four seasons, you might not be right which is why you need to read this article on how to transition your skincare routine from winter to spring.

Things To Have In Mind For Skin Care

Different Conditions

The environmental conditions are not the same in winter and spring which is why we need to change our morning and night routine and use products that are intended to help with skin discoloration, pimples, impurities and blackheads and that will also protect us from high UV rays.

For this particular season, allergies and redness are really common, so we need to use products with a lighter texture. If you are used to powerful anti-aging treatments that are frequently used in autumn and winter, with ingredients such as retinol, concentrated glycolic acid treatments that have been very effective.

You will have to leave them for next autumn when skin is more prone to impurity and pollution.

Deep Cleansing Is Fundamental

The first fundamental thing before applying any skin care product is cleansing and preparing the skin. It is best to use exfoliators which will wake-up your face and which will open up the pores for the next product which will be fastly absorbed.

When it comes to exfoliators, it is best to use a mild exfoliator which has small doses of glycolic acid.

This way, your skin will be refreshed and any makeup residue will be removed. The important thing to remember is that you need to throw away any leftover products from last spring as they accumulate bacteria and will block your pores and quench your skin. Also, brushes and makeup bags also accumulate bacteria fast, which is always good to clean them at least two times a week.

Serums Will Improve Skin Imperfection

Serums are a fundamental product for if you want to obtain the best results with your treatment. Always go with higher concentrates of Vitamin C alone or in combination with proteoglycans, either in ampoules or serum, since their results can be visible from the first moment.

Vitamin C in spring is great and will give you light, refine the wrinkles, unify the skin tones, helps your skin to fight free radicals which are unwanted effects and will also protect from high UV which can cause aging and dark circles.

You can choose different serums that will unify your skin tone, moisturize it and prepare it for the next stage – UV cream protection.

Eye Contouring

Eyes also need thorough care if you don’t want your dark circles to be seen. In spring, due to high solar rays, eyes also suffer and therefore it is easy for us to get more wrinkles, so it is better to treat them before they appear.

You can use different eye creams with deep moisturizing features and of course, getting enough sleep is crucial!

UV Protection is a Must

We know you hear this a lot, but something that we almost all take for granted is using high protection creams that will protect you from deep burns, and sun exposure.

In this step, you have a lot of options, such as moisturizing cream with SPF15,30 or 50 if you have an extremely pale tan.

If regular sun tanning creams are too much for you, always go for lighter ones which are easy to find in drug stores and that will give you the protection wanted. Never underestimate the sun, even though it might be a cloudy day and always apply your protection.

Final Thoughts

We hope that with these tips on how to transition your skincare routine from winter to spring you will be able to find what works best for you and have healthy and glowing skin for the upcoming season.