When we sleep, our bodies rest, the cellular regeneration process awakens and our hair become entangled, goes into full frizz mode and our beautiful locks flatten… During that (approximately) 8 hour period, a myriad of factors change your hair’s texture and appearance, and this is how the story of a “bad hair day” begins.

That’s why today we have compiled the best tips on how to protect your hair while you sleep, and they are so easy, that you’ll be able to follow the steps, night after night, even with your eyes closed.

No scrunchies, please!

Wearing a scrunchie while you sleep causes excessive tension in the scalp that can affect the roots of your hair. In addition, it will give you that beautiful “I’ve accidentally put the iron in the middle of my hair for too long” look. Don’t do it!

Go Fancy on your bed sheets:

Sheets and silk pillowcases will do wonders for your hair. Cotton fabrics, on the other hand, produce friction against your head while you’re moving during your beauty sleep, causing a lot of frizz in the process. That is why going for silk bed linens is a better choice that will prevent frizz, making you feel extra sexy in the mornings.

Do not go to bet with wet hair:

Especially if you haven’t untangled it yet. Going to sleep with wet hair is one of the worst things you could ever do. Not only does your hair become more vulnerable and prone to frizz and breakage when you go to rest right after washing your hair, but untangling it in the morning will become a living nightmare.

Not in the mood for a sexy vibe?

Ok, let’s say you do not like the silky texture and prefer that soft roughness of a knit bedspread and matching pillowcases… What else can you do to have your nighttime routine like you always do? Cover your hair with a satin or silk scarf. This way you will be protecting your hair and, depending on how you organize your hair before putting the scarf, you could straighten it wrapping around your hair over your head, or work around keeping the shape of your curls for the next morning.

Apply an overnight treatment

If you are one of those with no time to spare, an overnight hair treatment is an answer to all your prayers. You may already be an assiduous user of dry shampoo, but overnight hair treatment is another level in the scale of obtaining successful results while still managing to be lazy. Coconut and Argan oil are two of the most popular options in this department. Go for it, you sleepy head!

Having trouble falling asleep? Try a nice massage on your scalp!

Last but not least, massaging your scalp can help you relieve stress, increase blood flow and strengthen the roots of your hair. You only need to repetitively move your fingers in a circular motion from your neck towards your forehead. Listen to soft music, have a sip of cocoa, you deserve it!