There is no simple and easy way to grow your hair! There is no miracle product which will help you wake up with a long mane overnight. But, the good thing is you can still do a few things as a part of your hair routine to stimulate hair growth. There will be one very strange and awkward point when your mane will look as if it is in a desperate need to get a haircut. That is when you should opt for all of the tips below and get the long do you’ve always dreamed of.

Get Regular Trims

The fact that you’re trying to grow your hair doesn’t mean that you have to forget about haircuts. These days you can simply get a micro trim, which will only remove the split ends. You won’t even notice that your hair is shorter, it’s that effective. Split ends are the worst enemy of hair growth.

Get Supplements

There are many vitamins and minerals that can help with hair growth. Most of these come from the food that we eat. Since not all ladies tend to enjoy in these food choices, the chances are you are missing several of these essential compounds. That means you can buy supplements which will help a lot with hair growth.

Stay Away From Hot Tools

If you are desperately trying to grow your hair past that awkward point, the best advice you’ll ever get is to forget about styling tools. Hair straighteners and curlers can cause so much damage, especially if you use them on a daily basis. When you do use an iron, protect the hair with a heat-protecting spray. Blow-drying is another thing you have to take a break from. Instead, let your mane air-dry.

Choose Hair Products Wisely

During this period, be very careful which products you use. Everything you put on your hairdo has to be gentle and shouldn’t cause damage. When it comes to the shampoo, switch whatever you’re using with a natural, sulfate-free version. Also, products which contain alcohol are a no-no! All of these things can be a tad more expensive than the ones before, but it’s all for a good cause.

DIY Hair Masks

Forget about those store-bought hair masks. You can use completely natural ingredients and make your own. They will straighten, moisturize and feed the hair follicles, helping the hair grow faster. Castor oil, eggs, lemons, honey are just a part of the ingredients you can opt for.