Dermadoctor KP Duty High Potency Daily Body Peel 

A skin-resurfacing, quenching, and dermatologist formulated body peel Resurface making use of seventeen acids in a safe and effective at-home chemical peel to increase cellular exfoliation. The product offers intense hydration with a unique calming effect for parched skin. It smooths and re-textures bumpy, rough and dry skin such as the “chicken skin” condition. It ideally prepares the skin for the use of other body products or to improve the skin for a gorgeous and infection-free skin surface. The product application gives the body skin a feeling of radiance and softness. It is free of synthetic dye and fragrance.

Keratosis Pilaris (KP) commonly referred to as “chicken skin” is a condition of the skin that is hereditary. It is characterized by scaly, red, and sometimes even rough bumps on the thigh, arms and buttocks. Keratosis Pilaris is genetically predetermined and it may not be curable as a result. Sometimes, people even observe KP on their faces, especially in children. The bumps and roughness of the skin associated with KP usually do not hurt, although it can be disturbing since they are not easy to diagnose or treat. However, the condition can be managed with a skin care regimen that includes products with ingredients like urea and glycolic acid. Dermadoctor KP Duty High Potency Daily Body Peel is formulated to be synthetic fragrance-free, non-irritating to the face, cruelty-free and synthetic dye free. It gently smooth and exfoliate your skin so soft and silky perfection.

Product Description

KP Duty high potency daily body peel quenches and resurfaces parched skin with the formulated process by a dermatologist. The product uses seventeen acids in a chemical peel to increase cellular exfoliation while providing intense hydration and a special calming complex for skins with KP and other infections. The seventeen acids resurface to give a smoother face effectively and safely. Green tea, hyaluronic acid, and urea leave skin feeling hydrated and soothed. You can easily lessen acne, dehydration, and dryness, and keratosis pilaris at home with the body peel’s high-potency formula nourished with ceramides and alpha hydroxyl acids. It has a set of powerful ferulic acid pads and vitamin c for a smoothing daily body peel.  It leaves a feeling of smoother, firmer, even and brighter skin. It is good for all types of skin, but not suitable for ultra-sensitive skin types.

How to Use

Use the regimen once daily. Apply Resurface body peel to dry, clean skin. Allow to stay for one to two minutes, then rinse completely with water. Dry the skin and apply quench, do not remove or rinse off. The KP duty high potency daily body peel is meant for use on legs, torso, and arms.

Product Reviews

Dermadoctor KP Duty High Potency Daily Body Peel received numerous reviews which highlighted the several benefits of the body peel regimen. A few of these reviews are detailed below:

  • This product helped my chicken-skin infection on the back of my legs and arms so much. Although, it stings a bit so I avoid applying it on the inner skin of my elbow. I also wear sunscreen when I use this product. With a tough moisturizer, I also completed the quenching so as to lock the hydration in. It is a body peel, and I use it sparingly. It always worked wonders!
  • The skin of every person is different, and there’s no guarantee that this regimen will work for you like it has done for me countless times. Since I’ve been using the product, the bumps have reduced greatly. Once I use the product, it hydrates successfully those areas of my skin that aren’t soft and silky smooth.
  • Right from day one of my usage of this product, I’ve observed a remarkable difference in my skin texture. The bumps subsided immensely and the application of the body peel made my skin significantly clearer and smoother.
  • I have KP on both arms and legs. My entire body is always very dry and my heels are cracked that I have to move barefooted most of the time. In just 2 applications, I have seen such a tremendous difference – I have arms that are soft and smooth now, even my heels are without cracks anymore.


  • It re-textures and resurfaces skin
  • It quenches parched skin
  • It’s easy to use with a fast calming effect.
  • It gives a soft, clear and smooth appearance to the skin.


  • It is rather expensive
  • It leaves a burning sensation on the skin
  • Pads are not well saturated to cover the entire skin surface.


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Getting Keratosis Pilaris treated is about reducing the red appearance, improving the texture and smoothing the bumps on the skin. Treatment of KP should consist of products designed for hydrating and exfoliating the skin to help remove acne-causing plugs, enhance color and texture, and improve the overall health and wellness of your skin.