Did you know that a self-heating hair mask are now a thing? Well, thanks to K-Pop beauty everything is possible. Thanks to these innovative brands your beauty routine will reach a whole new level. You will now say “bye bye” to the damaged hair with the Bye Bye Heat Tool Abuse Self Heating Mask. Made in South Korea, this amazing product is a life-changer. But since there are many skeptic women out there, it is good to find out more about how to use it and which ingredients it includes.

The Bye Bye Heat Tool Abuse mask is meant for all types of hair including natural, color treated and heat styled. Ladies with extremely damaged mane from heat tools will definitely benefit a lot from this product.


One of the most significant ingredients is macadamia oil, which helps with moisture and restores the damaged hair. Vitamin E in the Bye Bye Heat Tool Abuse is very nutritive, providing a shiny, glossy and healthy finishing touch. Wheat, rice, oats, beans, all bring extra keratin for a stronger hairdo.

How To Use:

You should start by shampooing your hair and washing it very thoroughly. Dry it a little bit with a towel, so that it stays damp. Apply the cream serum from the mask evenly on the hair. Put your hairdo up and secure it with a hair clip or a tie. Put on the cap, while also making sure that it covers everything. There is a special sticker on the cap that will help you adjust it properly. Another great tip is that you can massage the scalp while the Bye Bye Heat Tool Abuse mask is on. This will help in the even distribution and better absorption of the cream. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes, remove the cap and wash the mask with warm water. Avoid contact with eyes. If you notice itching or redness, consult a doctor.


The Bye Bye Heat Tool Abuse hair mask is so easy to use. It will only take 10 to 15 minutes of your time. Another huge advantage is that you should use while you’re having a shower, so it won’t be wasting any of your time. Just put it on while you’re in and enjoy the bath. The results are visible right after the treatment. This self-heating mask really does what it says it does. For extremely damaged hair use it twice a week.