You know them. The picture perfect full, long and healthy hair your favorite celebrities on Instagram and Pinterest seem to have. I have good news for you. Your hair can grow fuller, longer and healthier in a short span of time. You could read that again. And again. The general rule is that mostly, hair grows half an inch each month. According to celebrity hair stylist, “Hair typically only grows a quarter inch—a half an inch max—per month.”

Now if you consider the growth process too slow and want to speed it up just a little,just grab a glass of juice and join me on this journey as I explore the highly effective but little known expert-approved secrets to make your hair grow faster.

Get it quick!

Darling, it is important to note that hair growth is a process that occurs in two phases;emergence and retention. Emergence,on the one hand, as the name implies refers to when the hair strands emerges from the scalp. Retention, on the other hand refers to retaining the hair, particularly the ends.  While the emergence of hair mostly occurs independent of external activities(there are not many things you can do to force hair strands out of your scalp), retention is highly dependent on your our efforts, because hair growth requires active hair care and grooming to be successful..

First secret. Your hair is actually a part of your body. Like for real. Healthy proteins like salmon, eggs, lean meats, ham, fish, and low-fat cottage cheese are filled with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and also  antioxidants that are responsible for reduction of  hair loss and increase in the density of hair. According to Michelle Cleveland, a renowned celebrity hairstylist, “A healthy diet and vitamins are key to growing stronger, longer hair.

Second secret. Pay due attention to your scalp. A strong scalp would necessarily produce strong hair. The relationship between your hair and your scalp is quite similar to the one between plants and the soil. If the soil is lacking in nutrients, the plants do not have much hope.

On the other hand, a dirty scalp is bad news girl. Due to products usage and impurities in the environment, the scalp can get dirty and begin to clog the pores,thereby stunting the normal growth of hair strands. So it is important to keep your scalp clean regularly, either through cleansing or shampooing.. Regular cleansing also helps to replenish the moisture level which helps the hair thrive..

Hands on! Massage to improve blood circulation

Scalp massages are also very relevant if you intend to improve the circulation of blood in your scalp. They enable the hair follicles to receive nutrients and oxygen from the blood flowing to the scalp, thus facilitating faster hair growth.

A well researched recent study reveals that daily scalp massages actually cause an increase in hair density. It is recommended to spend at least five minutes a day massaging your scalp. It also helps active ingredients in hair products to penetrate the pores in the scalp. So, if your scalp is irritated or flaky, a gentle message of a soothing anti-microbial scalp mask woulddo your hair growth journey a whole world of good.

Third secret. Heat is not your hair’s best friend. In fact, they should not be friendly acquaintances. At all. As useful as it can be in the styling and drying department, it causes hair damage and split ends. Curling wands and hair straighteners cannot help your long-hair cause. So it’s better to consider instead the diverse and much better alternatives like airdrying , making your hair into twists or braids, etc

And then. Yes. Water is life, yeah. The same gospel applies to your hair. Your hair needs consistent moisturizing to be healthy and grow super fast. Generally, hair lacking in moisture would dry and stiff with brittle ends(not particularly the picture of your desired future) So you ought to keep your hair always moisturized. After cleansing and conditioning, do your hair a favor and moisturize with a good leave in conditioner.

A lot of quality attention should also be given to the ends/ tips of your hair as it constitutes the oldest and most fragile part of the hair. It also loses moisture pretty fast and is the mostly likely point of occurrence of breakage.  Also, to maintain a healthy level of moisture in your hair regularly, you could mix the leave in conditioner with some water in a spray bottle and do a comprehensive spritz at least twice daily, preferably in the morning and at night. . To further retain moisture, use satin bonnets and or satin /silk pillowcases to prevent the friction cotton causes to the hair

Number five. Now, this is a major mystery. Do you want longer hair? Just get a pair of sharp scissors and do regular hair trims. Yes it doesn’t sound right. But it is. Thing is, if you leave your hair untrimmed for months unending, you would have a lot of split ends and a whole lot of damage and breakage much higher on the strands. If you get regular trims, you would have mostly healthy hair and this would exacerbate faster hair growth. It is recommended that after every 10 to 12 weeks,, you could trim off about an eighth of an inch of your hair. It is also recommended that it should be done by a professional, so you don’t end up having a big chop instead of a slight trim

Last, but not least

Lastly, you could make use of daily supplements, like iron and Vitamin B12 to help you on this hair growth journey. Please understand, hair supplements are not instant Rapunzel creators. They are not magic potions concocted by your fairy godmother. They would supplement your already healthy hair growth practices.

Also, ensure you speak to your personal physician or a qualified medical personnel who knows about your medical history, before including them in your daily diet. This is to ensure there are no adverse reactions due to allergies or undue interference with any drugs you are currently using. If your diet does not comprise of balanced meals, or you’re currently undergoing a lot of stress or trauma, you may be deficient in certain essential nutrients your hair needs. or you’re in a period of stress or trauma, you might not be getting the proper amount of nutrients you need to grow healthy, long hair. Those supplements could then step in to save the day, making those nutrients available and boosting your hair ‘s overall health and faster growth.

There you have it. The expert-approved and highly recommended ways to grow healthy, long and full hair, really fast. Begin to practice these steps and watch your hair literally transform before your very own eyes.