We all have a myriad of reasons for not making as many regular visits to the hair salon as often as we reasonably should. For some, the schedules are too tight, for others, the budget is tighter and some of us just think fewer haircuts should necessarily translate to longer hair. Different folks, different strokes.

White this may seem more convenient, it can have many major far-reaching consequences,especially as regards the health and growth of the hair. If we do not have regular trims and engender split ends, you’re courting serious hair damage.

I know that if if you are growing out your hair, it seems counterintuitive to periodically put a pair of scissors to your hair and snip, snip, snip. I get it. You ought to however understand what actually happens when you begin to have split ends and your hair becomes unhealthy.

A split end is actually like a run in a stocking. A run would usually tear all the way to the leg until it gets to the cross stitching and would then stop. In the same vein, the split ends will continue to split past the initial damage up until they hit some truly healthy hair and then break. So your hair is really growing (every hair grows about half an inch monthly), you just cannot see it because the rate of breakage is much higher than the rate of growth.

So, even if you intend to make fewer haircuts in your bid to grow longer hair, there is a corresponding need to be more intentional and strategic about  taking proper tender loving care of your hair. It means that you have to put more deliberate effort into maintaining your hair’s health. Let me tell you something, the passage of time is not actually the destroyer of your hair, it is the content of your hair regimen, all you do during that time, that determines what happens to your mane. So, even if you don’t want to cut your hair, bear in mind that to keep healthy hair, you have to make regular trims to prevent split ends.

So, in this particular piece, I’ll be sharing certain things you have to do to eat your cake and have it, ie prolong the time between haircuts and still have healthy growing hair.

Listen to your Hair Stylist.

The life of your hair would be determined largely by your adherence to instructions by your hair stylist. If your hair stylist is professional, the length of time that is recommended between haircuts is not arbitrary. It is usually carefully calculated based on certain factors like your hair texture and porosity, the color and style it is presently in, your hair care regimen,etc

Choose the right hair products.

Also, it’s no news that the hair products market is saturated. Due to the large market, many manufacturers have jumped on the hair products train and it takes expertise and a certain level of skill and knowledge to know which one is the real deal, and particularly, which one would work best for your hair. You have to find the particular one that would be a perfect fit for your hair. That à particular product is the rave on Amazon or does wonders for your friend does not mean that it bears your name. Every hair type will require products that address specific needs. So you have to be in tandem with your hair stylist to find the right product for you.

Treat your hair regularly.

It is super important to treat your hair. Even if you were getting very regular haircuts, your hair is part of your body and needs proper tender loving care to grow healthy, long and full. If you prolong the period between haircuts, there is a high risk of having split ends which would cause a lot of damage to your hair.

The best way to work round it is to get treatments as often as you style. So for every styling you do on your hair, it is necessary there is a corresponding treatment. According to Divine, a recognized hair trichologist, “If you frequently get blown out or style your hair, you should just as frequently get treatments,much like the haircut, you don’t want to miss or push these treatments off.” A deep-conditioning treatment will be of great benefit to your hair.

For instance, when you style your hair with heat, it strips the hair of moisture, drying it out, and causes the color of your hair to fade. Treatments will help to moisturize, rehydrate, repair and replenish the hair from the damage caused by the  heat styling.

Avoid heat.

Also, you have to avoid heat styling as much as possible. Heat dries out the hair and causes damage to the hair. So if you would like to keep your hair healthy and shiny during the period between your haircuts, it’s best to avoid using heat altogether. Rule is, less heat, less damage.

And in the event where heat is necessarily required, it is advisable to reduce the heat level before applying to your hair. Thing is, most hot tools can reach temperatures of 450 degrees while the heat protectant products do not protect past temperatures of 350. You could turn the temperature down to about 275 or 300 degrees. In doing this, you will be preventing excessive heat damage and facilitating the effectiveness of the heat protectans on your hair.

Wash Your Hair Less

Interesting fact. As good as washing your hair is, it could also be of great detriment to your hair. Most shampoos dry out the hair, making the hair lose much needed moisture. So, the less you wash your hair, the more moisture it retains. You could wash your hair once a week, using a gentle cleansing shampoo.

Dry, brittle ends look like they’re begging for a haircut; so a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can buy you extra weeks—maybe even months—between trims.6. Don’t go too short.

If you intend to make your haircut last for a longer period of time, it is advisable to go long. A long cut will definitely wear better over time than a short cut. This is because on the one hand, a short cut will begin to look shaggy fairly quickly, on the other hand, with a longer cut, there won’t be so much of a difference when you leave it for longer periods. Another really good alternative is to layer your hair. Layers are usually closer to the natural way your hair grows, so they are mostly low maintenance, not requiring as much upkeep. You could also go for a blunt cut. You could cut it short, as in shoulder-length, or long. Either of them would grow out well and they do not require so much upkeep too.

Visit the salon regularly

Your salon visits should be as regular as reasonably possible. You should only extend the time between the visits only as much as you absolutely need to. The best advice I can give to you is to take such good TLC of your hair and not extend the length of time between haircuts too long,

So, work closely with your professional hairstylist. Inform him/her of your current hair goals and the other necessary information, then, together, devise à workable plan geared towards the achievement of your goals that would not compromise the health of your hair.