1. Applying mayonnaise to your hair will help you repair the damage from chemical treatments, straightening, dyes or excessive use of the blow-dryer.
  2. Tightening your hair wearing updos, like ponytails, can pull your hair and produce accidental breakage.
  3. Also, wear scrunchies only when your hair is dry. Using them on wet hair might accidentally break or pull hair strands out of your scalp.
  4. Don’t abuse blow-drying. There are other methods of straitening your hair such as using hair clips and rolls.
  5. Don’t ever use hot water to wash your hair! Use lukewarm or cold water instead.
  6. Trim your ends regularly. This will make your hair look healthier and become stronger.
  7. Forget about that myth of “brushing your hair 100 times will make your hair stronger and glowy” it’s quite the opposite.
  8. Braid your hair and opt for air drying your hair anytime you can.
  9. Bleaching your hair will weaken it, even if you are resorting to the best stylists and applying the best hair products available.
  10. Remember to use moisturizing creams from the middle of your hair down to the tips.
  11. Healthy eating, maintaining a diet rich in vitamin E, collagen and vegetables will enhance your natural beauty.
  12. Eat your veggies! But don’t forget to eat your proteins, too. Proteins are vital for your skin, nails and hair’s health.
  13. It is also impossible to look healthy if you don’t drink enough water.
  14. Pillowcases made out of fabrics such as cotton will worsen frizzy hair. Want a quick fix? Use silk pillowcases instead.
  15. However, drying your hair using a cotton T-shirt will help you control frizz.
  16. Forget about blow drying, straightening, and curling irons and go for a natural look. This will help you repair the cuticle without producing further damage.
  17. Speaking of which, using hair extensions is a big no-no. Hair extensions work by mechanically pulling your hair, which eventually generates a type of baldness.
  18. Opt for sulfate-free hair products. They are gentler with the cuticle.
  19. Don’t wash your hair every day. This may sound strange to you, but removing all the natural oils from your hair will make it look dull, dry and brittle.
  20. Hair masks are vital for healthier looking hair, especially if you have dyed it.
  21. If you want to opt for natural hair masks options, ripe avocado and a large egg is a great combination suitable for any hair type.
  22. To remove natural hair masks, it’s essential to do it with cold water. Otherwise, you’ll end up accidentally cooking the ingredients over your head.
  23. Rinsing your hair with cold water and massages are a simple and economical method to increase your scalp’s blood flow.
  24. When the weather is cold, wearing a hat will keep your hair safe from freezing while preserving its natural moisture.
  25. Wider tooth combs are the better choice to untangle your hair, especially if it’s wet.

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