Most times, it is super difficult to get the perfect haircut from your favorite salon, and keep it looking the same super model-ish way it did when you left the salon after you just got it. Your schedule is just too tight to spare an hour in the bathroom every morning, straightening and curling and styling and all that unnecessary work.

The prudent choice is to get a low maintenance haircut that ensures you always look like a million dollars. Low maintenance haircuts don’t have to be routine or boring or drab, you could look like you just stepped out of Vogue with your super stylish low maintenance haircuts. Good news is, it comes in all shapes and sizes and colors and you will most definitely find one that is aligned with the texture of your hair. Now, if you’re looking for stress less but stylish haircuts like that, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, the following cuts, already sorted by the different hair textures, will add more time to your years. I mean very little time would be spent styling your hair, notwithstanding your hair texture. You can peruse the list below carefully to find the one you love the most, and second most and third most.

Thick Hair:

Thick-haired beauties, I have a couple of options for you. Now since thick hair has the tendency to pouf up, especially with bad humidity, it’s usually better to keep your hair below your shoulders to avoid spending a lot of time during styling.

  1. Long layers:-Long layers will make your hair seem a little thinner, and will make it feel much lighter. This will help your hair maintenance regimen and help you maintain it better.
  2. Face-framing layers:-If you would like to create some movement, rather than having stiff hair, face-framing layers are your go-to. Ask for long layers around your face to create movement and a flattering, face-framing shape. Make sure you tell your stylist to cut them layers a little long, to prevent a too bouffant look.

Thin Hair

If you’re a part of the thin hair girls squad , it’s best to go for haircuts that involve as few layers as possible because layers mostly emphasize the thinness of your hair. Also, thin hair does not do so well with maintaining volume, so rather than struggling endlessly to create an illusion of fullness with plenty layers and too much products, you could try an easy, one-length cut or understated layers. You could consider the ones below.

  1. Blunt cut for straight hair:-A blunt cut is wonderful for thin, straight hair as it sort of makes your hair look thick and more volume-y. And kindly avoid bangs, as they require way too much work to be considered low-maintenance. Thank me later!
  2. One-length cut:-Thin hair has a hard time maintaining volume, so instead of attempting to create fullness with lots of layers (and styling products), it’s best to go with a one-length haircut. Interesting fact about medium one-length cuts is that they look super elegant and chic, and suit both curly and straight hair.

Curly Hair:

Curly hair is a big deal and usually tough to manage. And that is the particular reason you should opt for a fuss free, stress free, timeless and super gorgeous low maintenance haircut!

  1. Angular bob for curly hair:-If your hair is thin and curly, you should consider an angular bob that’s longer in the front than it is at the back. . It will add shape to your hair, and also do very well as a great wash-and-go hairstyle, giving it a built-in style.
  2. Pixie cuts:-There can be nothing, absolutely nothing, absolutely absolutely nothing as low maintenance as a pixie haircut. And they look as amazing on curly haircas they do on straight hair.
  3. Layered curls:-Like your favorite celebrity Salma Hayek, you could go for curls that fall below your collarbone, and use plenty of layers all through to eeducemthe effects of the bulk.
  4. Longer layers:-For super-tight curls, you should keep your layers extra long in front to prevent curls from dancing up and down your face.

Wavy Hair:

You have wavy hair? I gat you!

1.Pixie:-If you have wavy hair and aren’t afraid to go short, you should try a tousled pixie cut. All you need is a dab of styling cream and tada! Front page Vogue magazine worthy!

2.Shoulder-length cut:-For longer, wavy hair, a shoulder-length shag is king in the world of low-maintenance hairstyles.


Straight Hair:

Straight, sleek, luxuriant hair, I have you covered.

  1. 1.The overgrown shag:-A long, overgrown shag  works very well for straight hair. Just air-dry, add a little conditioner and tousle it up to look like a million dollars.
  2. 2.Volume illusion :- With your straight hair, cascading layers would create an illusion of volume with very little styling. An easy example is the beautiful celebrity Kourtney Kardashian.
  3. 3.Long, thick and straight:-If your hair is straight, long, and thick,you’re not hopeless. Just try adding a few layers below your chin and let your naturally beautiful hair texture work its magic.

I know this is a lot of relevant and handy information and you’re very grateful. We’ll love to hear from you and your friends and family.